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The Justice Research and Statistics Association's Incident-Based Reporting Resource Center facilitates the use of state incident-based reporting (IBR) systems and the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS) by crime analysts, researchers, and other justice professionals. The reports and analyses featured on this website demonstrate how incident-based data can be analyzed to address a wide variety of criminal justice policy questions and support evidence-based decision making.

The Center provides comprehensive information on accessing and using incident-based reporting data and seeks to put practical analytical information and tools into the hands of analysts who want to work with these data. It also provides a forum where analysts can exchange information and ideas about using IBR data.

IBRRC is supported by the Bureau of Justice Statistics.

If you have data, syntax, documentation, or examples you'd like to contribute, please contact us.

Background and Status of Incident-Based
Reporting & NIBRS

What is Incident-Based Reporting?
What is NIBRS?
Advantages of Incident-Based Reporting Over Summary Reporting
Comparison of NIBRS and UCR Definitions
Smart NIBRS Decision-Making
Steps for Developing NIBRS
Status of NIBRS in the States
IBRRC Factsheet

Using IBR & NIBRS Data

Availability of IBR Data
Preparing Data for Analysis
Tips and Shortcuts for Working with NIBRS
Data Quality
Analyzing Incident-Based Data
Mapping Incident-Based Data

Reports & Projects

IBR Resource Center Reports Using State Data
State Projects
State Mapping Projects
IBR and NIBRS Annotated Bibliography and Mapping Resources
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Syntax & Sample Data

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